For a full breakdown of how the points system will work, please refer to the official always-up-to-date rules.

Below is a brief summary of the tournament format:

  • I will divide the participants into two teams, who will then argue amongst themselves to determine who plays what category.
  • The two designated players for each category (i.e. scoring or survival, shottypes and difficulty don't need to match up) will arrange a time they can both play during the weekend of Aug 27-28, and their gameplay will be showcased in a livestream with commentary.
  • Through formulas prescribed in the official rules, a player's performance in each game will result in their team receiving some number of points.
  • The team with the most points at the end wins.

Hopefully this gives you a decent idea of how this works. Please read the full ruleset though, especially in the game you are interested in playing. If anything is still unclear, you can always contact me.


  • Where is the tourney?
  • All matches will be streamed from yorgje's twitch.

  • When is the tourney?
  • It will be spread over the weekend of Aug 27-28. Exact schedule is still TBD.

  • Where the heck do those point formulas come from?
  • Here's a brief motivation. For the score formulas, the squaring is supposed to model the increased difficulty of further raising your score as your score gets higher, and the denominator is a scaling factor between games.

    For the survival formulas, the basic idea is to reward successful no-bomb runs, and then to throw in fun bonus points to add additional interest at difficult portions.

    Many of the basic ideas are adapted from Clio's notes. The specifics have been tweaked based on superplayer input and observations made during previous years' Sukoata, and will continue to be tweaked moving forwards.

  • How will everything be organized?
  • Everything will happen in #sukoata1. Please hang out there as often as you are able in the days leading up to the tourney.

  • My question isn't here!
  • Please always feel free to email me or query platonicSolid on if you have concerns.