1. Go to the streamlist, read the page carefully, and then add yourself!
  2. Add the string "[stg]" or "[2hu]" to your stream title (no quotes).
  3. Enjoy the publicity!

What does the site do?

This site is a stream aggregator, i.e. it automatically embeds any of these streams that are currently streaming. It is meant exclusively for people who play shmups and, in particular, Touhou games.

Who built the site?

I go by the username yorgieporgie around these parts of the internet. I also go by platonicSolid on IRC. I like to play and discuss Touhou. I also enjoy playing violin and ukulele, as well as doing abstract mathematics.

If you want to chat about this site or Touhou or anything else, feel free to send me an email, /query platonicSolid on IRC, or drop by my stream.

Who else has worked on this site?

First and foremost, I must thank the wonderful streamers who provide all of the content for this site. Thanks!

I would also like to thank L3pik and io_23 for making several beautiful logos! If you would like to make one, I would be happy to add it to the selection.

I must thank io_23 again for totally redoing my old buggy CSS and adding several hundred lines of script.

Lastly, I would like to extend special thanks to the various members of #kusoplay who, through design suggestions or feature requests, have made this site much better than I could have originally envisioned.